New fintech moves mountains of paperwork in record time to the joy of the insurance industry.

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BlockForms has created a SaaS solution to the vexing challenge of the frustrating repetitions of paperwork within the insurance industry. The company is dedicated to reducing manual inputs paving the way to a shorter sales cycle with fewer errors and happier customers. While the company has initially focused on the insurance space, it is certain their product can be extended into numerous other industries where repetitive forms are an unfortunate fact of life.

The popular phrase ‘paperwork waits for no man’ is relegated to the recycling bin thanks to BlockForms’ fintech solution. That’s because BlockForms can be used whenever there are repeat questions asked across many different forms. For example, an insurance broker may have to input their company legal name, address, and other common identifying information across broker forms for Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, or other large insurance companies. Thanks to BlockForms, customers can select multiple insurance providers for which they are completing a form and input their information into the BlockForms software product that integrates with these external insurance providers.

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